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GuildWiki:Support Guild Wars 2

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Support Guild Wars 2 (GW:GW2)[edit source]

This is a proposed policy to support Guild Wars 2 on GuildWiki.

Specifically, under this proposal, GuildWiki would be a single Wiki containing information on both Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2.

Good Reasons for GW:GW2[edit source]

  • Community Synergy: Despite some players' misgivings, it goes without saying that a great majority of Guild Wars 2 players (and Wiki contributors) will be the same people that currently play (and contribute to Wikis for) the original Guild Wars.
  • Conceptual Synergy: ArenaNet's representatives have confirmed that a great many concepts central to Guild Wars will be carried forward to the new game. In particular, it's a safe bet that many core mechanics will work identically. Keeping the Wikis together will save a good deal of initial work for contributors to the Guild Wars 2 Wiki space.

Possible Problems[edit source]

Disambiguation pages, or extensive explanations, would be necessary for any game mechanics, character classes, or skills that have the same name in GW2 as in GW. There will almost certainly be some - the question is how many, as this could be a minor inconvenience, or a bona fide headache. There is not truly any way to know for certain until Guild Wars 2 becomes its own game. Additionally, the incompatibility of the CC-NC-SA license and the GFDL would prevent content from being copied from the official wiki.

How do we implement this policy?[edit source]

Ideally, there would be no need to do anything differently than what we do now - just create pages and link them to other pages appropriately.

However, there is a very real possibility that future developments in the franchise might change the community opinion on this topic. Additionally, the above-mentioned disambiguity headache could become severe.

To address both of these possibilities, a "GW2" namespace would be created, which would be the home of any article pertaining exclusively to Guild Wars 2. This will aid the community in keeping the data severable if necessary, while maintaining the existing links, users, and other functionality of GuildWiki.