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Short Versions[edit source]

  • Use the "Leave Guild Hall" button on the Guild Roster to directly return to where you were before.
  • You can take advantage of the Signet of Capture earlier than usual if your Guild Hall has a skill trainer.
  • Use the Signet of Capture to acquire non-elite skills before you can buy or quest them.
  • When underground, use the World Map to quickly see a large version of the Mission Map.
  • Identifying any item always raises its merchant price and often pays for itself.
  • You can learn any skill that is unlocked on your account with a Skill Tome.
  • Every skill trainer offers all non-elite skills for his campaign that are unlocked on your account.
  • Do /kneel at a statue or shrine when the world has favor to summon an avatar. Talk to it!
  • Heroes can use any skill that is unlocked on your account, including elite skills. So UAS!
  • Type /bonus in your chat window while in Town to find out whether your edition of Guild Wars includes bonus items.
  • The Mission Map zoom can be set independently of the main screen zoom
  • You can be in melee with one mob and use Shift + left-click on another mob's name to cast a non-attack skill on the second mob, while continuing to attack the first mob.
  • To split a stack of items, hold the Shift key while clicking and dragging it to a new inventory square.
  • Try different skills and attributes out from time to time; you will end up changing your favorite build more often than you think.
  • To see the names of all the enemies around you and easily choose a priority target, such as the enemy healer, hold the Ctrl key.
  • To see the names of all the items around you and easily find drops assigned to you, hold the Alt key.
  • You can drag and drop the icons from your game Menu onto your screen and place them wherever you want for instant access to frequently used features, such as the Inventory Bags (F9).
  • Explore the Control tab of the Options Menu (F11) to find new features that you may not even know existed, like targeting items or ordering heroes to use a specific skill, and instantly assign keyboard shortcuts to them.

Long Versions[edit source]

Guild Hall travel[edit source]

If you visit a Guild Hall, you can always return to your previous town or outpost by using the "Leave Guild Hall" button in the Guild window (G). For this to work, you must be in your own Guild Hall, and not another one in your Alliance. You can always switch Guild Halls as many times as you like before returning to your own, and then use the Leave button to return to your most recent PvE campaign location. This also works for group map travel, and will use the most recent location of the party leader. This is especially useful for returning to locations in the Domain Of Anguish, which normally takes 2-3 map travels otherwise.

Guild Hall Signet of Capture[edit source]

If a Guild Hall you have access to (from your Guild, Alliance or simply brought to one by a friend) has a Skill Trainer, you can use it to buy Signets of Capture and certain core skills before any skill trainer or quest offers them.

Signet of Capture[edit source]

Signet of Capture is useful not only for Elite skills, but also for other skills that may be available from an early-game boss long before a quest or trainer offers it otherwise. This is an alternative to Skill Tomes, especially if you have not yet unlocked the skill. Visit the articles for the areas or missions you will pass through, and see if any of the listed bosses have skills you may be interested in.

Underground maps[edit source]

If you are in an underground location, such as Sorrow's Furnace, The Undercity, Domain of Anguish or Dungeons, opening the main World Map (M) will not show the map of the area at all, the only place you can see it is the Mission Map (U). However, when the Mission Map is too small, you can see a larger version as an inset on the World Map view without having to stretch it back and forth in your game window. While on the World Map view, use the "U" key to toggle it on when you want to see the larger map, and off if it obstructs outposts when you want to map travel.

Identifying items[edit source]

All items will go up in value at a merchant if an identification Kit is used on them, unless the item cannot be identified at all. This is true even for green items and quest rewards. There is an average of 25% increase in the value of an item when it is identified; the common cost to identify an items is about 4 gold. It then follows that if the item cost in the merchant window is more than 16 gold, then it is worth identifying. Blue-lettered items worth 16 gold or less should always be identified since the "Increase sale value" attribute occurs frequently enough to offset the cost for identifying items.

Unlocked Skills[edit source]

Once you have a skill unlocked on your account, it will be offered by every skill trainer in the campaign that this skill is linked to. For unlocked core skills, every trainer will offer them in all campaigns, and they are always available at the trainers in a Guild Hall, unlocked or not.

Alternatively, you can access it by using Skill Tomes. Normal tomes are used to access normal skills, while Elite Tomes can be used to get Elite Skills. Tomes are dropped by every monster in Hard Mode, and Bosses can also drop Elite Tomes. Creatures will only drop tomes of the same profession as themselves.

Balthazar Faction unlocking[edit source]

If you wish to learn a skill that will not be available to you for a long time, you can unlock it by using Balthazar Faction gained by doing PvP battles at a Priest of Balthazar. This will allow you to get the skill on any character through one of the ways mentioned above.

Kneeling at Statues of Gods[edit source]

If the world has favor of the gods, kneeling at statues of gods in Explorable Areas or outposts will allow you to summon an Avatar of the god corresponding to the statue. The avatars in explorable areas will accept gold for various blessings. Furthermore, Voice of Grenth or Champion of Balthazar will let you enter the Realms of the Gods, and Avatar of Dwayna has two quests to offer.

Typing /Bonus Unlocks Special Items[edit source]

Many of the GW game boxes available for purchase since 2008 include bonus items that are available to you when you use the chat command, "/bonus", while in a Town or Outpost. These items are considerably more powerful than any other items available to new characters, making them very useful when you start playing. The specific items available depend slightly on which specific game box you purchased. For example, Guild Wars: Platinum Edition includes all of the items available in the Game of the Year edition and also includes an Igneous Summoning Stone.

Mission Map Zoom[edit source]

The scroll wheel can be used to zoom the Mission Map window independently from the zoom of the main window.

Simultaneous Melee and Spell Attacks[edit source]

You can be in melee with one mob and use shift + left-click on another mob to cast a spell that does not require a weapon on the second mob, without stopping your attack on the first mob.

Try Different Skills and Attributes[edit source]

It's all too easy to get used to taking out the same build each time you adventure. However, every so often, try something drastically different. Maximize one attribute and include 4-5 of its skills before venturing forth. Try out new skills and also see whether some old skills work better for you now. Next, do the same for another attribute. More often than you might expect, you will find new combinations that better suit your style of play.