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GuildWiki:You are valuable/Draft 1

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All users, regardless of their number of contributions, the date they joined the Wiki, and their status (admin, user, or anon) should be treated equitably. That is to say, all good faith contributions are valued equally and each editor has just as much of a right to question, suggest, and even change GuildWiki as everyone else. Indeed, all users are encouraged to be bold. It is unnecessary (and even offensive) to deprecate yourself, your opinions, or your contributions by saying, "But I only have # edits, so don't mind my opinion too much," or, "I'm just a newbie, so this admin's opinion is more valuable." Wrong!

Of course, no policy can intrinsically bestow value upon a user; either a user is valuable or not as established by their history of contributions, but we assume good faith regardless of the criteria listed above. Along the same lines, while the aforementioned criteria should never be used as justification for demeaning the point of view of any editor, not all points of view have (or should have) equal clout, and it is your responsibility to avoid poisoning the well by insinuating that another user's point of view is in violation of YAV.

Finally, remember to respect our traditions and guiding principles, just like everybody else. But don’t worry; you’ll be forgiven your mistakes just like anybody else would be.