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Guild Wars Nightfall Collector's Edition

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Guild Wars Nightfall Game Content List - North America[edit | edit source]

Content[edit | edit source]

Collector's Edition box art

The Nightfall Collector's Edition box contains the following:

  • Nightfall Collector's Edition Key, providing access to the Nightfall campaign and a miniature in-game Varesh pet and Nightfall signature dances (type /dancenew ) for your characters
  • Nightfall Bonus Music Key, providing exclusive in-game music from Guild Wars composer Jeremy Soule
  • Nightfall Game on DVD
  • “Making of Guild Wars Nightfall” DVD with behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the designers, writers, illustrators and animators
  • “The Art of Nightfall,” a 124-page book depicting amazing images from the world of Elona
  • Nightfall Soundtrack CD with 35 tracks of music from the game
  • Nightfall Collector's Skill Pins showing icons for one Dervish and one Paragon skill (Vow of Silence and "It's just a flesh wound." respectively)
  • Nightfall Collector's Standee, a foldout standee of Warmarshal Varesh to place on your desk
  • Nightfall Map Poster, 16x24-inch map depicting the lands of Elona
  • Nightfall Collector's Edition Poster
  • Nightfall Manual with information on the world of Elona and explanations of new game features and mechanics.
  • Nightfall Quick-Reference Card with a handy keyboard layout and much more
  • Nightfall Buddy Key, a 14-day/10-hour free trial you can give to a friend
  • Guild Wars Epic Trial Key, a 14-day/10-hour free trial of Guild Wars Prophecies and Guild Wars Factions
  • NCsoft Trial Key Booklet with trial keys for other great NCsoft games

CD Track Listing[edit | edit source]

(Courtesy of Direct Song Support - Casey)

  1. Land of the Golden Sun
  2. Guardian Sunspears
  3. Lost Dynasties
  4. The Grand Cataract
  5. Descent into Madness
  6. Gathering Storm
  7. Festival of Lyss
  8. Desert Dwellers
  9. Fortress of Jahai
  10. Pride of the Centaurs
  11. Haunted Ruins
  12. Turai's Legacy
  13. Path to War
  14. Tortured Souls
  15. Sunspear Assault
  16. Garden of Seborhin
  17. On Harpies' Wings
  18. The Forgotten God
  19. Corsair Armada
  20. Black Sails at Dawn
  21. Sulfurous Wastes
  22. The Garrison
  23. Web of Terror
  24. Invasion of Vabbi
  25. Resplendent Makuun
  26. Kormir's Theme
  27. Kournan Caravan
  28. Into the Breach
  29. Distant Battle
  30. The Makers' Song
  31. Desperate Flight
  32. Unseen Intruders
  33. The Hidden City
  34. Abaddon's Gift
  35. The Barricades
  36. The Five True Gods

From bonus Directsong key:

  1. The Bone Palace
  2. Champion's Dawn
  3. Wilderness of Bahdza
  4. Pogahn Passage
  5. Arkjok Wards
  6. Reign of Anguish

Release Date[edit | edit source]

October 27th, 2006.

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