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Guild Wars Nightfall Standard Edition

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Guild Wars Nightfall Game Content List - North America and Europe[edit | edit source]

Content[edit | edit source]

The Nightfall Standard Edition box will contain the following:

  • Nightfall Access Key and which provides access to the Nightfall campaign
  • Nightfall Game on CD (North America) or DVD (Europe)
  • Nightfall Manual and with information on the world of Elona and explanations of new game features and mechanics.
  • Nightfall Quick-Reference Card and with a handy keyboard layout and much more
  • Nightfall Poster
  • Nightfall Buddy Key and a 14-day/10-hour free trial you can give to a friend
  • Guild Wars Epic Trial Key and a 14-day/10-hour free trial of Guild Wars Prophecies TM and Guild Wars Factions TM
  • NCsoft Trial Key Booklet and with trial keys for other great NCsoft games

Release Date[edit | edit source]

The Guild Wars Nightfall Standard Edition was released together with the Guild Wars Nightfall Collector's Edition, on October 27th, 2006.

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