Guild Wars Taiwan Pre-Order Items

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Taiwanese Pre-Order item pictures

These are officially called "Online Limited Order Edition Items" in Mandarin, but most English fansites has taken to calling them Taiwanese pre-order items.

Similar to the Guild Wars Japan Pre-Order Items, the Taiwanese Pre-Order Items are each named after an animal and one of the seven sins. However unlike the Japanese counterpart, the Taiwanese only has 6 items, exactly one for each profession.

All weapons are max damage, with 2 bonuses.

  • Peacock's Wrath (Mesmer Cane) req Domination magic, halves casting time of Illusion spells (Chance 20%) Energy +3 (while health > 50%)
  • Tiger's Pride (Elementalist Artifact) req energy storage, halves recharge of fire and air (20%)
  • Wolf's Greed (Monk Rod) req divine favor, half casting time of healing prayers and protection prayers (20%)
  • Sundering Rhino's Sloth (Hammer) 15>50, armor penetration 20% (20% chance)
  • Poisoner Black Hawk's Lust (Bow) 15>50, increase poison duration
  • Insightful Dragon's Envy (Necromancer Staff) req Soul Reaping, halves casting time of death and blood (20%)

The pre-order items are only availabe to the Online Limited Order Edition (verses Retail Limited Deluxe Edition and Monthly Fee packs). The item obtained is chosen randomly from the 6, and is fixed for the entire account.