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Gurn Blanston

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Gurn Blanston
Species: Human
Profession: Warrior Warrior-icon.png
Level(s): 5
Gurn Blanston Loc.jpg

General[edit | edit source]

Gurn Blanston is a soldier of the Ascalon Army found north of Fort Ranik, and the husband of Melka Blanston.

Quests given[edit | edit source]

Location[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

"Hail friend, I am Gurn Blanston. I've been out here stationed on the Wall for a long time. What's on your mind?"

How are things?

"We all have to make sacrifices for the survival of Ascalon."

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The name Gurn Blanston comes from a stand-up comedy routine of comedian and actor Steve Martin, in which he "reveals" to the audience that his real name is Gurn Blanston, announcing that he has "decided" that he is no longer ashamed of his "real name."
  • Although he can be found in the explorable area of the mission, he's not involved in the mission at all.