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Gwen (disguise)

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Effect details
Gwen (disguise)
Gwen (disguise).jpg
Campaign: Bonus Mission Pack
Type: Disguise

You are Gwen. Your Health, Energy, and statistics have been adjusted accordingly.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This disguise is applied to players in the Bonus Mission Pack quest The Flight North.
  • While under this disguise, your Health is 300, your Energy is 20, your Energy regeneration is +4, and you have the following skill bar (the last four slots are initially empty and are filled during the quest):


Throw Rock.jpg

Throw Rock



Feign Death.jpg

Feign Death

Illusion of Haste.jpg

Illusion of Haste

Shared Burden (Gwen).jpg

Shared Burden (Gwen)

Distortion (Gwen).jpg

Distortion (Gwen)

Sum of All Fears (Gwen).jpg

Sum of All Fears (Gwen)