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Hanpo Sai

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Hanpo Sai
Hanpo Sai.jpg
Species: Human
Level(s): 10

General[edit | edit source]

Hanpo Sai is an NPC for the Canthan New Year event.

Location[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

While Spoken to:

  • "Rutger is playing with me again! He tricked me into leaning over to pet him, then snagged my hat and ran off!"
  • "Rutger came with me once on a fishing trip near Seitung Harbor. I nearly lost a big catch, but he sprang into the water and caught a fifteen pounder in his snout."
  • "The color red is Rutger's favorite. He could have liked green or blue or even light wine, but no. I think red reminds him of home."
  • "This time of year is Rutger's favorite. He says he loves the budding trees and flowers, but I think he just likes the feast."
  • "While hauling some dye to the festival one year, we were attacked by an army of mantids! The entire festival would have been ruined had Rutger not jumped in front of me and fought them off, tusk and claw."

Who is Rutger?

  • "What? Do you mean to tell me you do not know Rutger? Why, he is only the most amazing pig in all of Cantha, a pig of a sort more incredible than you, or anyone else, can imagine. A fancy pig like Rutger needs a fancy name like Rutger has, so Rutger is what I call him! It is his name. He told me himself."

While walking:

  • "I toil beneath the sun of summer; Dwayna's breeze my only respite. Oh woe, a peasant's life is hard; But at least I'm not diseased!"
  • "Hello there, Sherylwanh. Rutger and I were just out for a stroll. I see that you dyed your leaves for the occasion."
  • "Blast you, Mae Tu. Why do you shun the festivities with your white leaves?"
  • "I saw a celestial koi once, swimming through the sky; I tossed my net up high, but only caught the wind; So I went home and ate a pomegranate instead."
  • "Melandru's moon is rising; The festival is nigh; We celebrate with firecrakers; And chase the nian away."