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Region Tribe Name Trophy
Kourna Heket Warrior21 (26) Stoneaxe Heket
Ranger21 (26) Beast Sworn Heket
Monk21 (26) Blue Tongue Heket
Necromancer21 (26) Blood Cowl Heket
Heket Tongue
Vabbi Warrior24 (26), 26 (30)1 Stoneaxe Heket
Ranger24 (26), 26 (30)1 Beast Sworn Heket
Monk24 (26), 26 (30)1 Blue Tongue Heket
Necromancer24 (26), 26 (30)1 Blood Cowl Heket
  1. In normal mode, level 26 heket only appear during quests.

Hard mode levels are in brackets