Helping the Dwarves

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Overview[edit | edit source]

Map To Rangil Ironbow


  1. Find Rangil Ironbow in Traveler's Vale.

Obtained from

Grand Mason Stonecleaver in Yak's Bend.


Prophecies character


Upon accepting the quest you are given two skills (one from your primary, one from your secondary):

WarriorProtector's Strike
RangerDebilitating Shot
MonkRemove Hex
MesmerMantra of Frost


"These thrice-damned Stone Summit raiders are making things tough for both our people. If ye had an inclination to help the Dwarves out with something... Listen, I recently sent a scout into Stone Summit territory, and I'm sure he could use the help of an extra hammer. If ye'd be willing to help him out, I'd make it worth yer time and give ye something in the way of some skills to aid ye on yer journey. Rangil Ironbow be the name of me scout, and ye can find him up north towards Iron Horse mine."

Reward Dialogue

"So old Stonecleaver sent ye, eh? To tell ye the truth, I do have a few tasks that I could use a hand with. I appreciate yer help."


Minaar's Trouble

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

This quest is pretty simple. Just head northwest from Yak's Bend to the Iron Horse Mine and talk to Rangil Ironbow who is stationed next to the entrance. Once you have talked to him he'll give you Minaar's Trouble.

Tip: You get the skills immediately upon accepting the quest. For those who change their secondary profession, abandoning the quest instead of completing it allows you to unlock the new secondary's skill and making it available to the current character.