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Henchman Skill Bar Contest

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During August and September, 2009, ArenaNet ran a contest that allowed players to submit skill bars for the henchmen that would soon replace heroes in Guild versus Guild and Heroes' Ascent. Players could submit their skill bars to Dizhou [Xunlai Pollster] in the Great Temple of Balthazar. Out of over 30 000 entries, the Guild Wars Live Team selected forty skill bars that the new henchmen would use.

Prizes[edit | edit source]

Forty winners (twenty GvG winners and twenty HA winners) will receive one of each of the following prizes:

  • Name a henchman; a henchman named after the winner's character or an appropriate name of the winner's choosing. Names must abide by the Naming Policy and are subject to the approval of the Development Team.
  • Everlasting Henchman Tonic; one Everlasting Henchman Tonic. These unique items will grant the winner the ability to temporarily transform into the image of the henchman that they are named after.

Winners[edit | edit source]

Guild versus Guild winners[edit | edit source]

Henchman Skill Bar Submitter Henchman Skill Bar Submitter
Warrior Pudash "I Will Win Ff" Necromancer Dirk Shadowrise "Dark Rising Shadow"
Warrior Dahlia "Leet T H E O R Y" Elementalist Vincent Evan "A Papaya In There"
Warrior Disenmaedel "This Is Trigger" Elementalist Luzy Fiera "Luzy Of Fire"
Ranger Errol Hyl1 "Etron In Vitro" Elementalist Motoko Kai "Mala Aurora"
Ranger Lulu Xan "Lulu Xan" Elementalist Hinata "Hajime Hinata"
Mesmer Tannaros "Tannaros Tower Rush" Assassin Kah Xan "Saint Reapers Sin"
Mesmer Cassie Santi "Cassie Santiago" Ritualist Narcissia "Pseudo Antipathy"
Monk Redemptor Frohs "Sacred Wolfy" Dervish Zen Siert "Zen Si Ert"
Monk Julyia "Il Juliya Il" Paragon Blenkeh "Aria Of Nerf"
Necromancer Bellicus "Bellicus Magnus" Paragon Aurora Allesandra "Aurora Alessandra"
  1. This henchman was initially named Etron, but was changed to Errol Hyl in the November 19, 2009, update.

Heroes' Ascent winners[edit | edit source]

Henchman Skill Bar Submitter Henchman Skill Bar Submitter
Warrior Teena the Raptor "Tiny Tina" Elementalist Hobba Inaste "Our Guild Is Leet"
Warrior Lora Lanaya "Iarwain De Llanowar" Elementalist Bacchi Coi "Bacchikoi Bacchikoi"
Warrior Adepte "Adepte De La Guerre" Elementalist Suzu "Der Held"
Ranger Haldibarn Earendul "Haldibarn Earendul" Elementalist Rollo Lowlo "Rolol Lololol"
Ranger Daky "Unfaithful Servant" Assassin Fuu Rin "Pnoy Pride"
Mesmer Syn Spellstrike "Syn Spellstrike" Ritualist Nuno "Hi Captain Obvious"
Monk Divinus Tutela "Leet Noobified" Dervish Alsacien "Le Boucher Alsacien"
Monk Blahks "Healing Blocks" Dervish Uto Wrotki "Uto Pro"
Necromancer Ghavin "The Necromaxime" Paragon Khai Kemnebi "Khai Kemnebi"
Necromancer Erick "Eric The Devistator" Paragon Cole "Noodle Legs"

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