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These are the henchmen available in the Factions Campaign.

By Profession[edit | edit source]

Warrior-icon.png Warrior

Ranger-icon.png Ranger

Monk-icon.png Monk

Necromancer-icon.png Necromancer

Mesmer-icon.png Mesmer

Elementalist-icon.png Elementalist

Assassin-icon.png Assassin

Ritualist-icon.png Ritualist

By Region[edit | edit source]

Henchman Profession Shing Jea Island Kaineng City Echovald Forest The Jade Sea Notes
Party Size: 4, 613 8 8 8 -
Warrior Lukas Sword / Tactics Warrior Yes1 Yes3 Yes9 No uses "Shields Up!"
Ranger Yuun Ranger Yes1 No No No -
Monk Taya Healing Monk Yes1 No No No -
Elementalist Kisai Lightning / Water Elementalist Yes1 No No No has snaring capabilities
Assassin Mai Assassin Yes1 No No No inflicts bleeding, poison and knockdown
Ritualist Aeson Communing / Restoration Ritualist Yes1 Yes 3 No Yes11 -
Warrior Talon Silverwing Sword Warrior Yes1 Yes5 No Yes -
Ranger Zho Ranger Yes1 Yes4 No Yes interrupts
Monk Sister Tai Healing Monk Yes1 Yes4 No Yes Removes Conditions and Hexes
Necromancer Su Curses / Death Necromancer Yes2 Yes5 No Yes12 uses corpse exploitation
Mesmer Lo Sha Illusion / Inspiration Mesmer Yes2 Yes 5 Yes10 No interrupts, removes hexes
Elementalist Kai Ying Earth Elementalist Yes1 Yes4 No Yes uses Ward Against Melee and knockdowns
Assassin Panaku Dagger / Shadow Arts Assassin Yes1 Yes5 No Yes inflicts bleeding and poison, uses shadow step
Ritualist Professor Gai Restoration Ritualist Yes1 Yes5 Yes No removes conditions, uses protective spells
Warrior Devona Hammer Warrior No Yes6 Yes No has 3 knockdown skills
Ranger Aidan Ranger No Yes6 Yes No -
Monk Jamei Healing Monk No Yes7 Yes10 No removes hexes and conditions
Necromancer Eve Blood / Death Necromancer No Yes6 Yes No uses Blood Ritual
Elementalist Cynn Fire Elementalist No Yes7 Yes No uses area DoT spells, inflicts burning
Elementalist Headmaster Vhang Lightning Elementalist No Yes6 No No -
Assassin Emi Assassin No Yes7 No Yes12 inflicts dazed and blindness
Assassin Nika Dagger Assassin No Yes8 Yes No inflicts crippled
Ritualist Chiyo Ritualist No Yes7 No Yes12 removes conditions
Monk Danika Healing Monk No No Yes9 No Removes Hexes
Monk Redemptor Karl Protection Monk No Yes3 Yes9 No no hex removal skills
Necromancer Brutus Blood Necromancer No Yes3 Yes9 No -
Necromancer Sheena Curses / Death Necromancer No Yes3 Yes9 No uses corpse exploitation
Mesmer Erys Vasburg Interrupt / Punishment Mesmer No Yes3 Yes9 No carries Psychic Instability
Warrior Seaguard Eli Sword / Tactics Warrior No No No Yes11 uses "Shields Up!", has 2 knockdown skills
Ranger Aurora Beastmaster Ranger No No No Yes11 has a pet crab named Hector
Ranger Daeman Interrupt Ranger No Yes3 No Yes11 anti-caster, inflicts dazed
Monk Seaguard Gita Protection Monk No No No Yes11 removes hexes and conditions, has no healing
Mesmer Seaguard Hala Illusion / Inspiration Mesmer No Yes3 No Yes11 interrupts, removes hexes
Elementalist Argo Fire Elementalist No No No Yes11 inflicts burning and knockdown

1 Aeson, Kisai, Lukas, Mai, Taya, and Yuun are not available in Zen Daijun. Replacing them are Kai Ying, Panaku, Professor Gai, Sister Tai, Talon Silverwing, and Zho.
2 On Shing Jea Island, Lo Sha and Su are only available in Zen Daijun.
3 Aeson, Brutus, Daeman, Erys Vasburg, Lukas, Redemptor Karl, Seaguard Hala, and Sheena are only found in Imperial Sanctum and Raisu Palace.
4 Kai Ying, Sister Tai, and Zho are not in Vizunah Square (Foreign Quarter).
5 Lo Sha, Panaku, Professor Gai, Su, and Talon Silverwing are not in Imperial Sanctum, Raisu Palace, and Vizunah Square (Foreign Quarter).
6 Aidan, Devona, Eve, and Headmaster Vhang are not in Vizunah Square (Local Quarter). Except for Headmaster Vhang, the rest are also not in the Marketplace. Except for Devona, the rest are not in the Imperial Sanctum and Raisu Palace.
7 Chiyo, Cynn, Emi, and Jamei are not in Kaineng Center, the Imperial Sanctum, Raisu Palace, the Marketplace, and Vizunah Square (Local Quarter). Jamei is also not in Maatu Keep.
8 Nika is only in Sunjiang District, Tahnnakai Temple, and Zin Ku Corridor.
9 Brutus, Danika, Erys Vasburg, Lukas, Redemptor Karl, and Sheena are not in Arborstone and Tanglewood Copse. Danika is also not in the Eternal Grove.
10 Jamei and Lo Sha are only in Arborstone and Tanglewood Copse. Jamei is also in the Eternal Grove.
11 Argo, Aurora, Daeman, Seaguard Eli, Seaguard Gita, and Seaguard Hala are not in Boreas Seabed.
12 Chiyo, Emi, and Su are only in Boreas Seabed.
13 Party size 6 only in Seitung Harbor and Zen Daijun, size 4 in the rest.