Henchmen (Nightfall)

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These are the henchmen available in the Nightfall Campaign.

By Profession[edit | edit source]

Warrior-icon.png Warrior

Ranger-icon.png Ranger

Monk-icon.png Monk

Necromancer-icon.png Necromancer

Mesmer-icon.png Mesmer

Elementalist-icon.png Elementalist

Paragon-icon.png Paragon

Dervish-icon.png Dervish

By Region[edit | edit source]

  Henchman Profession Istan Kourna Vabbi The Desolation Realm of Torment6 Notes
    Party Size: 4, 81 8 8 8 42, 8  
Warrior Timera Sword Warrior Yes3 No No No No -
Warrior Devona Hammer Warrior No Yes Yes Yes Yes Uses Knockdown.
Ranger Abasi Ranger Yes3 No No No No Inflicts Poison and Crippled conditions.
Ranger Aidan Ranger No Yes Yes Yes Yes -
Monk Kihm Healing Monk (Istan)
Protection Monk (Kourna)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes -
Monk Mhenlo Healing Monk No Yes5 Yes Yes Yes -
Necromancer Eve Blood Necromancer No Yes Yes Yes Yes -
Mesmer Odurra Domination / Inspiration Mesmer Yes3 Yes Yes Yes Yes Interrupts foes.
Elementalist Herta Earth Elementalist Yes4 Yes Yes Yes Yes Uses Wards.
Elementalist Cynn Fire Elementalist No Yes Yes Yes Yes -
Paragon Sogolon Motivation Paragon Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Focused on healing.
Dervish Gehraz Earth / Scythe Dervish Yes4 Yes Yes Yes Yes Inflicts Bleeding and Blind conditions, has some healing capabilities.
  1. The maximum party size of 8 is only in Beknur Harbor, Kodlonu Hamlet, Blacktide Den, and Consulate Docks.
  2. The maximum party size of 4 is only in The Shadow Nexus.
  3. Timera, Abasi, and Odurra are not in Chahbek Village, Kamadan, Jewel of Istan, and Sunspear Great Hall.
  4. Herta and Gehraz are not in Chahbek Village.
  5. Excluding Consulate Docks
  6. Excluding the Domain of Anguish, which does not have any henchmen.