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High-resolution skill icons/Assassin

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High-resolution skill icons
Warrior Warrior Ranger Ranger Monk Monk Necromancer Necromancer Mesmer Mesmer Elementalist Elementalist Assassin Assassin Ritualist Ritualist Paragon Paragon Dervish Dervish


Notes[edit | edit source]

  • These skill icons are from the online sealedplay fankit.
  • Some skill icons appear to be different from the versions used in-game. Any differences are noted above the icon.

Critical Strikes[edit | edit source]

Assassin's Remedy[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Assassin's Remedy.jpg

Assault Enchantments[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Assault Enchantments.jpg

Black Lotus Strike[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Black Lotus Strike.jpg

Critical Defenses[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Critical Defenses.jpg

Critical Eye[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Critical Eye.jpg

Critical Strike[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Critical Strike.jpg

Dark Apostasy[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Dark Apostasy.jpg

Deadly Haste[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Deadly Haste.jpg

Fox's Promise[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Fox's Promise.jpg

Locust's Fury[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Locust's Fury.jpg

Malicious Strike[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Malicious Strike.jpg

Palm Strike[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Palm Strike.jpg

Seeping Wound[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Seeping Wound.jpg

Sharpen Daggers[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Sharpen Daggers.jpg

Twisting Fangs[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Twisting Fangs.jpg

Unsuspecting Strike[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Unsuspecting Strike.jpg

Way of the Assassin[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Way of the Assassin.jpg

Way of the Master[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Way of the Master.jpg

Dagger Mastery[edit | edit source]

Black Mantis Thrust[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Black Mantis Thrust.jpg

Black Spider Strike[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Black Spider Strike.jpg

Blades of Steel[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Blades of Steel.jpg

Death Blossom[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Death Blossom.jpg

Desperate Strike[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Desperate Strike.jpg

Disrupting Stab[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Disrupting Stab.jpg

Exhausting Assault[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Exhausting Assault.jpg

Falling Lotus Strike[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Falling Lotus Strike.jpg

Falling Spider[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Falling Spider.jpg

Flashing Blades[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Flashing Blades.jpg

Fox Fangs[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Fox Fangs.jpg

Golden Fang Strike[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Golden Fang Strike.jpg

Golden Fox Strike[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Golden Fox Strike.jpg

Golden Lotus Strike[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Golden Lotus Strike.jpg

Golden Phoenix Strike[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Golden Phoenix Strike.jpg

Golden Skull Strike[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Golden Skull Strike.jpg

Horns of the Ox[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Horns of the Ox.jpg

Jagged Strike[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Jagged Strike.jpg

Jungle Strike[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Jungle Strike.jpg

Leaping Mantis Sting[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Leaping Mantis Sting.jpg

Lotus Strike[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Lotus Strike.jpg

Moebius Strike[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Moebius Strike.jpg

Nine Tail Strike[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Nine Tail Strike.jpg

Repeating Strike[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Repeating Strike.jpg

Shattering Assault[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Shattering Assault.jpg

Temple Strike[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Temple Strike.jpg

Trampling Ox[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Trampling Ox.jpg

Wild Strike[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Wild Strike.jpg

Deadly Arts[edit | edit source]

Assassin's Promise[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Assassin's Promise.jpg

Augury of Death[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Augury of Death.jpg

Crippling Dagger[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Crippling Dagger.jpg

Dancing Daggers[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Dancing Daggers.jpg

Dark Prison[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Dark Prison.jpg

Deadly Paradox[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Deadly Paradox.jpg

Disrupting Dagger[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Disrupting Dagger.jpg

Enduring Toxin[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Enduring Toxin.jpg

Entangling Asp[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Entangling Asp.jpg

Expose Defenses[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Expose Defenses.jpg

Expunge Enchantments[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Expunge Enchantments.jpg

Impale[edit | edit source]


Iron Palm[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Iron Palm.jpg

Lift Enchantment[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Lift Enchantment.jpg

Mantis Touch[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Mantis Touch.jpg

Mark of Death[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Mark of Death.jpg

Mark of Insecurity[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Mark of Insecurity.jpg

Sadist's Signet[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Sadist's Signet.jpg

Scorpion Wire[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Scorpion Wire.jpg

Shadow Fang[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Shadow Fang.jpg

Shadow Prison[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Shadow Prison.jpg

Shameful Fear[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Shameful Fear.jpg

Shroud of Silence[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Shroud of Silence.jpg

Signet of Deadly Corruption[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Signet of Deadly Corruption.jpg

Signet of Shadows[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Signet of Shadows.jpg

Signet of Toxic Shock[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Signet of Toxic Shock.jpg

Siphon Speed[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Siphon Speed.jpg

Siphon Strength[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Siphon Strength.jpg

Vampiric Assault[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Vampiric Assault.jpg

Way of the Empty Palm[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Way of the Empty Palm.jpg

Shadow Arts[edit | edit source]

Beguiling Haze[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Beguiling Haze.jpg

Blinding Powder[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Blinding Powder.jpg

Caltrops[edit | edit source]


Dark Escape[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Dark Escape.jpg

Death's Charge[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Death's Charge.jpg

Death's Retreat[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Death's Retreat.jpg

Feigned Neutrality[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Feigned Neutrality.jpg

Heart of Shadow[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Heart of Shadow.jpg

Hidden Caltrops[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Hidden Caltrops.jpg

Mirrored Stance[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Mirrored Stance.jpg

Return[edit | edit source]


Shadow Form[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Shadow Form.jpg

Shadow Refuge[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Shadow Refuge.jpg

Shadow Shroud[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Shadow Shroud.jpg

Shadow of Haste[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Shadow of Haste.jpg

Shadowy Burden[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Shadowy Burden.jpg

Shroud of Distress[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Shroud of Distress.jpg

Smoke Powder Defense[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Smoke Powder Defense.jpg

Unseen Fury[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Unseen Fury.jpg

Viper's Defense[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Viper's Defense.jpg

Way of Perfection[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Way of Perfection.jpg

Way of the Fox[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Way of the Fox.jpg

Way of the Lotus[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Way of the Lotus.jpg

No Attribute[edit | edit source]

Aura of Displacement[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Aura of Displacement.jpg

Dash[edit | edit source]


Mark of Instability[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Mark of Instability.jpg

Recall[edit | edit source]


Shadow Meld[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Shadow Meld.jpg

Shadow Walk[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Shadow Walk.jpg

Signet of Malice[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Signet of Malice.jpg

Signet of Twilight[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Signet of Twilight.jpg

Spirit Walk[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Spirit Walk.jpg

Swap[edit | edit source]


Wastrel's Collapse[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Wastrel's Collapse.jpg

High-resolution skill icons
Warrior Warrior Ranger Ranger Monk Monk Necromancer Necromancer Mesmer Mesmer Elementalist Elementalist Assassin Assassin Ritualist Ritualist Paragon Paragon Dervish Dervish