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High-resolution skill icons/Ritualist

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High-resolution skill icons
Warrior Warrior Ranger Ranger Monk Monk Necromancer Necromancer Mesmer Mesmer Elementalist Elementalist Assassin Assassin Ritualist Ritualist Paragon Paragon Dervish Dervish


Notes[edit | edit source]

  • These skill icons are from the online sealedplay fankit.
  • Some skill icons appear to be different from the versions used in-game. Any differences are noted above the icon.

Channeling Magic[edit | edit source]

Agony[edit | edit source]


Ancestors' Rage[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Ancestors' Rage.jpg

Bloodsong[edit | edit source]


Caretaker's Charge[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Caretaker's Charge.jpg

Channeled Strike[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Channeled Strike.jpg

Clamor of Souls[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Clamor of Souls.jpg

Cruel Was Daoshen[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Cruel Was Daoshen.jpg

Destruction[edit | edit source]


Destructive Was Glaive[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Destructive Was Glaive.jpg

Essence Strike[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Essence Strike.jpg

Gaze from Beyond[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Gaze from Beyond.jpg

Gaze of Fury[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Gaze of Fury.jpg

Grasping Was Kuurong[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Grasping Was Kuurong.jpg

Lamentation[edit | edit source]


Nightmare Weapon[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Nightmare Weapon.jpg

Offering of Spirit[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Offering of Spirit.jpg

Painful Bond[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Painful Bond.jpg

Renewing Surge[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Renewing Surge.jpg

Signet of Spirits[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Signet of Spirits.jpg

Spirit Boon Strike[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Spirit Boon Strike.jpg

Spirit Burn[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Spirit Burn.jpg

Spirit Rift[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Spirit Rift.jpg

Spirit Siphon[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Spirit Siphon.jpg

Splinter Weapon[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Splinter Weapon.jpg

Wailing Weapon[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Wailing Weapon.jpg

Warmonger's Weapon[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Warmonger's Weapon.jpg

Weapon of Aggression[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Weapon of Aggression.jpg

Weapon of Fury[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Weapon of Fury.jpg

Wielder's Strike[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Wielder's Strike.jpg

Communing[edit | edit source]

Anguish[edit | edit source]


Anguished Was Lingwah[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Anguished Was Lingwah.jpg

Armor of Unfeeling[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Armor of Unfeeling.jpg

Binding Chains[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Binding Chains.jpg

Brutal Weapon[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Brutal Weapon.jpg

Disenchantment[edit | edit source]


Displacement[edit | edit source]


Dissonance[edit | edit source]


Dulled Weapon[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Dulled Weapon.jpg

Earthbind[edit | edit source]


Ghostly Weapon[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Ghostly Weapon.jpg

Guided Weapon[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Guided Weapon.jpg

Mighty Was Vorizun[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Mighty Was Vorizun.jpg

Pain[edit | edit source]


Restoration[edit | edit source]


Shadowsong[edit | edit source]


Shelter[edit | edit source]


Signet of Binding[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Signet of Binding.jpg

Signet of Ghostly Might[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Signet of Ghostly Might.jpg

Soothing[edit | edit source]


Sundering Weapon[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Sundering Weapon.jpg

Union[edit | edit source]


Vital Weapon[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Vital Weapon.jpg

Wanderlust[edit | edit source]


Weapon of Quickening[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Weapon of Quickening.jpg

Restoration Magic[edit | edit source]

Blind Was Mingson[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Blind Was Mingson.jpg

Death Pact Signet[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Death Pact Signet.jpg

Defiant Was Xinrae[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Defiant Was Xinrae.jpg

Flesh of My Flesh[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Flesh of My Flesh.jpg

Generous Was Tsungrai[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Generous Was Tsungrai.jpg

Ghostmirror Light[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Ghostmirror Light.jpg

Life[edit | edit source]


Lively Was Naomei[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Lively Was Naomei.jpg

Mend Body and Soul[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Mend Body and Soul.jpg

Mending Grip[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Mending Grip.jpg

Preservation[edit | edit source]


Protective Was Kaolai[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Protective Was Kaolai.jpg

Pure Was Li Ming[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Pure Was Li Ming.jpg

Recovery[edit | edit source]


Recuperation[edit | edit source]


Rejuvenation[edit | edit source]


Resilient Was Xiko[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Resilient Was Xiko.jpg

Resilient Weapon[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Resilient Weapon.jpg

Soothing Memories[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Soothing Memories.jpg

Spirit Light[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Spirit Light.jpg

Spirit Light Weapon[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Spirit Light Weapon.jpg

Spirit Transfer[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Spirit Transfer.jpg

Spiritleech Aura[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Spiritleech Aura.jpg

Tranquil Was Tanasen[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Tranquil Was Tanasen.jpg

Vengeful Was Khanhei[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Vengeful Was Khanhei.jpg

Vengeful Weapon[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Vengeful Weapon.jpg

Vocal Was Sogolon[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Vocal Was Sogolon.jpg

Weapon of Remedy[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Weapon of Remedy.jpg

Weapon of Shadow[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Weapon of Shadow.jpg

Weapon of Warding[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Weapon of Warding.jpg

Wielder's Boon[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Wielder's Boon.jpg

Xinrae's Weapon[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Xinrae's Weapon.jpg

Spawning Power[edit | edit source]

Attuned Was Songkai[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Attuned Was Songkai.jpg

Boon of Creation[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Boon of Creation.jpg

Consume Soul[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Consume Soul.jpg

Doom[edit | edit source]


Empowerment[edit | edit source]


Energetic Was Lee Sa[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Energetic Was Lee Sa.jpg

Explosive Growth[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Explosive Growth.jpg

Feast of Souls[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Feast of Souls.jpg

Ghostly Haste[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Ghostly Haste.jpg

Reclaim Essence[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Reclaim Essence.jpg

Renewing Memories[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Renewing Memories.jpg

Ritual Lord[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Ritual Lord.jpg

Rupture Soul[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Rupture Soul.jpg

Sight Beyond Sight[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Sight Beyond Sight.jpg

Signet of Creation[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Signet of Creation.jpg

Soul Twisting[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Soul Twisting.jpg

Spirit Channeling[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Spirit Channeling.jpg

Spirit to Flesh[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Spirit to Flesh.jpg

Spirit's Gift[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Spirit's Gift.jpg

Spirit's Strength[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Spirit's Strength.jpg

Weapon of Renewal[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Weapon of Renewal.jpg

Wielder's Remedy[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Wielder's Remedy.jpg

Wielder's Zeal[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Wielder's Zeal.jpg

No Attribute[edit | edit source]

Draw Spirit[edit | edit source]

Hi-res-Draw Spirit.jpg

High-resolution skill icons
Warrior Warrior Ranger Ranger Monk Monk Necromancer Necromancer Mesmer Mesmer Elementalist Elementalist Assassin Assassin Ritualist Ritualist Paragon Paragon Dervish Dervish