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| level = 28}}
| level = 28}}
[[Initiate Kan Wu]] assists you during the quest [[Cleansing Shenzun Tunnels]], along with 4 other Initiates, [[Initiate Shunyang]], [[Initiate Jaw Long]], [[Initiate Shuji]] and [[Initiate Zei Ri‎]].
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==Skills used==
==Skills used==
*{{skill icon|Conviction}}
*{{skill icon|Armor of Sanctity}}
*{{skill icon|Patient Spirit}}
*{{skill icon|Reversal of Fortune}}
*{{skill icon|Spotless Mind}}
*{{monster skill icon|Aura of Purity}}
[[Category:Winds of Change NPCs]] [[Category:Shenzun Tunnels]]
[[Category:Winds of Change NPCs]] [[Category:Shenzun Tunnels]]

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