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2009-08-24: Jade Bracelets[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Getting to Nick[edit | edit source]

Nick can be found standing right next to Imperial Guardsman Yang outside of Zin Ku Corridor in Tahnnakai Temple (explorable).

Farming for Jade Bracelets[edit | edit source]

Threats & Recommended Skills[edit | edit source]

Solo Farming[edit | edit source]

All the groups on the routes can be farmed by a 600HP Monk with either hero or human Smiter. However, you should bring an anti-interrupt skill such as Mantra of Resolve because the Jade Brotherhood Mesmers can interrupt even through Spell Breaker and may interrupt key skills of your build,resulting in death.If you dont have Spell Breaker you should also consider bringing an anti-knockdown skill such as Dwarven Stability or "I Am Unstoppable!" to prevent knockdowns by Jade Brotherhood Mages. If you have trouble killing the Jade Brotherhood Ritualists you can also bring another damage-dealer with you, like a Spiteful Spirit Necromancer,it will speed up the killing greatly.