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Jade Fish/Types

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Region Subspecies Type Collectable drop
The Jade Sea Carp Assassin22 Creeping Carp Black Pearl
Manta Monk22 Scuttle Fish
Irukandji Ritualist22 Irukandji
The Deep Carp Assassin28 Ripper Carp unknown
Manta Monk24 Blessed Manta
Monk24 Scourge Manta
Irukandji Ritualist24 Reborn Irukandji
Ritualist28 Darkened Irukandji
Urgoz's Warren Carp None1 n/a
Manta None2
  1. Thorn Wolves resemble Carp, but are actually Plants.
  2. Hopping Vampires resemble Mantas, but are actually Vampires.