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2009-09-07: Jungle Troll Tusks[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Getting to Nick[edit | edit source]

Nicholas the Traveler is located in Tangle Root, not far from Henge of Denravi

Farming for Jungle Troll Tusks[edit | edit source]

Map for farm in Tangle Root
  • Suggested Farm #1: Exit from Henge of Denravi and turn right. There is a pop-up of Life Pods and/or Moss Scarabs. You can either leave them alone or take them out. Continue down the path and you will soon see the first Jungle Trolls. Following the route displayed on the map will bring you past about 30-36 Jungle Trolls. The time of 1 run is about 5-10 minutes (depending on party size) and yields about 4-8 tusks per run (again depending on party size)

Note: L18 Jungle Trolls seem much more likely to drop tusks than do the L14 trolls.

Threats & Recommended Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Tactics: Jungle Trolls easily ball together, so tanking works well. The trolls will focus their fire on the tank, giving the rest of the party an easy time of unleashing AoE spells to take them out. Some of the troll groups consist of 6 Trolls, so make sure your tank is able to hold that pressure. If not using a tank, a minion master or spirit spammer is recommended. Safety in numbers applies here.
  • Threats: Being overwhelmed is probably the biggest threat. Taking out 2 or 3 trolls should not be a problem to any team, but 6 or 10 trolls can be a problem. Careful pulling prevents this. If you are farming far from outposts, you will might have to contend with other jungle denizens; be sure to bring an appropriate group to deal with the additional threats.
  • Recommended Skills: Skills that block attacks are very helpful, since all the foes you will face attack in melee. Skills like Aegis, Critical Defenses and Conviction will do just fine. Weakness and Blindness reduces the pressure from the trolls; Enfeebling Blood is a perfect skill for this. Armor of Sanctity is great for the tank, as it causes weakness to all adjacent foes and further reduces the damage taken. To kill the trolls you can take just about anything, as long as you can outdamage their Troll Unguent, you'll be fine. Elementalist nukes like Searing Heat are perfect for the job.

Solo Farming[edit | edit source]

This is a good week for solo farming, especially for those who haven't tried it before: the monsters are below L20 and do relatively little damage to an L20 character with appropriate Runes and Insignias. Foes also bring fewer, less powerful skills, allowing you to survive any unfortunate choices. Any of the standard skillbars will work (Perma Sin, Spirit Spammer, 55 Monk, etc.). You can also succeed with a variety of well-balanced builds that include self-healing, defensive skills, and either Spike or AoE damage.