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Species: Dwarf
Profession: Hero skill trainer
Level(s): 24

Kodan can be found in Gunnar's Hold next to Kilroy Stonekin, and in the Caverns below Kamadan.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Standard dialogue

"Ho there, <character name>! I see you're a brave one. Talented too, I wager. If you show me your mettle, I might just put in a good word for you with my fellows. Do you have any journals or records of your great deeds? With that sort of written evidence, I can prove your worth to the other Dwarves!."
"Best of all, you'll earn yourself some Hero skill points, which you can spend to teach your heroes new skills."
How can I improve my reputation among the Dwarves?
"Dwarves value hard labor more than empty words, friend. Go find some Dwarves and perform services for them; they'll warm up to you in time. You can also seek out Beacons of Droknar, which were created by the Dwarves to monitor the wilds. Also, we value strict record keeping, so copy down everything you do in a book. Bring that book to me, and I can use it to prove your accomplishments in the name of King Jalis!"
Written evidence?
"Yes, you can track your progress aiding Ogden in a Hero's Handbook or record your achievements below ground in a Master Dungeon Guide."
"I can provide you with blank copies of either of these books. No doubt there are other books out there that show you know your way around, but you'll need to find those on your own."
Accept: I would like an empty Hero's Handbook.
"I'm sorry. I don't have any books right now. Talk to me again in a week."
Accept: I would like an empty Master Dungeon Guide.
"I'm sorry. I don't have any books right now. Talk to me again in a week."
I'm interested in skills for my heroes.
"Hard work and dedication is the only thing that ever moved a mountain, that's what I always say. Which profession are you interested in?"
<standard hero skill trainer interface>

When talked to for the first time after reaching rank 1 or higher on the Deldrimor Title Track

"You're now considered <rank name> by most Dwarves. You might want to display this title while fighting the Destroyers. A true Dwarven hero like yourself would be a potent force in the battle against those dark minions!"
⇒ Let's talk about something else.
<standard dialogue>

Skills offered[edit | edit source]

  • Skills in italics are available for free as quest rewards in at least one campaign.
  • Skills in bold are Eye of the North skills.
Trainer Warrior

All skill trainers