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concept art of "Water Dragon"
Spiked spine found between Grothmar Wardowns and Dalada Uplands

Kralkatorrik is the name of a colossal creature which can be found in the lake between Grothmar Wardowns and Dalada Uplands surrounded by skales. It is one of the sleeping Elder Dragons who will awaken in Guild Wars 2. It will rise in 1320 AE.

When it wakes up, Kralkatorrik flies south over Ascalon and the Blazeridge Mountains into the northern Crystal Desert. It blackened and transformed anything that was in its flight path into a twisted crystallized version of its former self, the land itself becoming known as the Dragonbrand. After it ends its flight, Kralkatorrik becomes one of the three threats blocking passage to Elona - the other two being Zhaitan and Palawa Joko.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • A concept art of Kralkatorrik was found in the fansite kit named "Water Dragon."
  • Oddly enough, Kralkatorrik's placement doesn't seem to be fully consistent with the passage "erupted from the northern mountains" as told in "The Movement of the World".
  • Kralkatorrik's awakening is a part of the plot of the second Guild Wars novel, Edge of Destiny.