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Kurzick Duelist

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House Brauer Duelist
House Durheim Duelist
House Lutgardis Duelist
House Vasburg Duelist
See Kurzick Duelist#Identifying Duelists
Species: Human
Profession: Varies NA-icon.png
Level(s): 20

Duelists are fought during the Duel of the Houses quest. They follow the naming convention of "House ... Duelist". Duelists of the same profession have the same skill set regardless of house.

Warrior Warrior (Vasburg)[edit | edit source]

Ranger Ranger (Lutgardis)[edit | edit source]

Monk Monk (all teams)[edit | edit source]

Necromancer Necromancer (Durheim)[edit | edit source]

Mesmer Mesmer (Brauer)[edit | edit source]

Elementalist Elementalist (Brauer, Durheim)[edit | edit source]

Assassin Assassin (Vasburg)[edit | edit source]

Ritualist Ritualist (Lutgardis)[edit | edit source]

Identifying Duelists[edit | edit source]

WarriorWarrior RangerRanger MonkMonk NecromancerNecromancer
Kurzick Warrior.jpg Kurzick Ranger.jpg Kurzick Monk.jpg Kurzick Necromancer.jpg
MesmerMesmer ElementalistElementalist AssassinAssassin RitualistRitualist
Kurzick Mesmer.jpg Kurzick Elementalist.jpg Kurzick Assassin.jpg Kurzick Ritualist.jpg