Lambs to the Slaughter

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Overview[edit | edit source]

Path from Vizunah Square Local Quarter
Top most rez shrine is the Obsidian Flame meeting point. Green cross hair is the Shadow Blade battle point.


  1. Rendezvous with the Obsidian Flame and prepare for the assault on the Shadow Blades.
  2. Lead the Obsidian Flame to the place where the Shadow Blades are meeting. Destroy the rival organization.
  3. See Guildmaster Luan for your reward.

Obtained from

Guildmaster Luan in Kaineng Center



The Shadow Blades


"The Shadow Blades have made a grievous error. I have ordered a group of our most skilled assassins to meet you in the Undercity. You will lead them to the Shadow Blades and destroy them. Show no mercy."
Accept: "No mercy will be shown. You have my word."
Reject: "Fight you own battles."

Intermediate Dialogue 1

Shadow Blade Assassin: "Once we assassinate Guildmaster Luan, we will cut through the rest of them with ease."
Shadow Blade Assassin: "Nika is mine. Her blades took three of my fingers!"
Shadow Blade Assassin: "The Obsidian Flame has found us! Kill them all!"
Obsidian Flame Assassin: "Come and face your nightmare, Shadow Blades."

Intermediate Dialogue 2

Obsidian Flame Assassin: "We will remain here and deal with any others who arrive. Report back to Guildmaster Luan. Now!"

Reward Dialogue

"You have done well. The Shadow Blades were a dishonor to all Assassins, giving thought only to their coin purse and not the art of the profession."

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The fastest way to reach the Obsidian Flame Assassins is to exit from the Marketplace and enter the Undercity from Bukdek Byway. The Obsidian Flame Assassins will be just inside the Undercity. Simply follow the quest marker and lead them to the Shadow Blades' meeting point. At least one of the Obsidian Flame Assassins must survive or the quest will fail. As you arrive, a dialogue will trigger, and after which you will be able to attack the Shadow Blades. Kill them all to complete the objective.

Because of the number of Afflicted mobs on the way to the meeting point, the Obsidian Flame Assassins may die if you and your party are not careful, especially if you're playing with henchmen. If you are very careful you can avoid aggro on the Afflicted groups close to the Shadow Blade's meeting point. Leaving the Afflicted parties alive may be useful if you encounter the BUG below.

The safest method is to enter the Undercity from Wajjun Bazaar instead and clear the path to the Obsidian Flame Assassins. (You will pass the Shadow Blades on your way, but they will be green.) After that, it is simply a matter of leading the Obsidian Flame back to the Shadow Blades' meeting point.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Bug.png Bug! The quest may glitch if you kill the Shadow Blade member who begins talking too quickly, resulting in the rest of the Shadow Blades not going hostile and preventing you from completing the quest. If this occurs, simply flag your party away from the area and Chan the Dragon's Blood will eventually approach and kill all the assassins for you. Or alternately lead your team to the back of a large pipe directly west. The rest of the Shadow Blade aggro and attack you.

If you happen to kill the boss and none of the Shadow Blade turn red, simply pull and drag a near by party of Afflicted into the area and pull until you are in the tunnel west of the rez station. The Afflicted will fight with the Shadow Blade and eventually the Shadow Blade turn red and you can then engage them and defeat what is left of them (and the rest of the Afflicted). Refer to this article's talk page for further discussion.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This quest reflects the english language idiom, "a lamb to the slaughter" meaning a victim (usually of some crime or misadventure) who has no idea what's going on, innocent like a lamb.