Locate Mei Ling

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Search Sunqua Vale for Mei Ling.

Obtained From

Headmaster Kaa in Shing Jea Monastery
Upon accepting this quest, you recive the following Mesmer skills:


Seek Out Headmaster Kaa (for primary Mesmers)
Speak With Headmaster Kaa (Mesmer) (for non-Mesmers)



Mei Ling is my aprentace and will begin teaching you the way of the mesmer. She should be in Sunqua Vale awaiting new students. Open your mind to the power."

Reward Dialogue

"Headmaster Kaa sent you to me, did he not? You would be wise to heed him, no matter what the others might say. I will continue your training now."


Cleansing the Shrine

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

In Sunqua Vale, just follow the quest marker northwest to the foot of the mountains to find Mei Ling.