Loyal 'til the End

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Go with Dzaga and his band of smugglers to the rendezvous.
  2. Break up the deal and hand out some Sunspear justice.
  3. Kill Dzaga and Sakku, and put an end to this smuggling ring!
  4. See Churrlan for your reward.

Obtained from

Dzaga in Mehtani Keys


Nightfall character
Talked to Churrlan
Telling Dzaga that Kehtmah sent you during initial dialogue
Mutually exclusive with Money on the Side



"Now is your chance to prove yourself a loyal Sunspear. Infiltrate Dzaga's gang and follow him to the rendezvous. When you get there, use the advantage of surprise to break up the deal and bring the smugglers some Sunspear justice It's your choice. Remain loyal to the Sunspear cause, or go along with Dzaga's Gang and make some money on the side."
"Accept: I will remain loyal to the cause and break up this evil smuggling ring!
"Reject: My coin purse is a little light these days. I'd rather take the cash.

Intermediate Dialogue

Dzaga: "Ah, Sakku. It's good to see you on time for once."
Sakku: "Enough banter, Dzaga. Let's talk prices."
<character name>: "That's enough out of both of you scum! In the name of the Sunspears, I am here to bring you to justice!"

Reward Dialogue

"Wow! You took care of the smugglers on your own? Now that's a true Sunspear! Bravery at its finest!"

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Although you receive this quest from Dzaga he will not spawn until you have talked to Churrlan at the Sunspear Great Hall. After accepting the quest, lead the corsairs to the rendezvous point. At the quest marker, wait for Sakku to spawn. After a short dialogue, all of them will turn hostile and start attacking. Kill Dzaga and Sakku to complete the quest. It is not necessary to kill all the smugglers. Note that both named corsairs have a large pull distance and are not grouped with anyone else, so they are very easy to pull.