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Profession Shing Jea Island Kaineng City Echovald Forest Charr Homelands*
NA-icon-small.png 0 Mantid Drone Hatchling
0 Mantid Hatchling
1 Mantid Monitor Hatchling
Monk 1, 2 Mantid Monitor
3 Mantid Gazer
5 Mantid Glitterfang
11 Mantid Queen
17 Mantid Monitor 24 Mantis Mender 20 Mantid Queen
Necromancer 1, 2 Mantid Drone
4 Mantid Parasite
6 Mantid Darkwing
11 Mantid Destroyer
17 Mantid Drone    
Mesmer     24 Mantis Dreamweaver 20 Mantid Nymph
Elementalist     23 Mantis Stormcaller  
Assassin     24 Mantis Hunter  
Dervish       20 Mantid Digger
Collectable Drop Mantid Pincer Venerable Mantid Pincer Mantis Pincer Mantid Ungula
 * Mantids encountered in the Charr Homelands have the innate ability to randomly come back to life after dying.
"This is a trait of the Mantis family, and is intended to make them feel more like big insects- you stomp on them, but they still get up and crawl around :)."
- Andrew McLeod (Freyas) - ArenaNet creature designer 08:04, 5 September 2007 (UTC)