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When you're lost out in the middle of nowhere, nothing beats a good map and some prodigious use of the M and U keys. Listed below are links to the best maps we can find.

GMC Maps[edit]

These maps are reference maps to help players achieve the Grandmaster Cartographer title. They should have the following properties:

  • 100%+ explored (obviously). This does not mean that the map will have every single spot explored, as there is 1-2% extra on each continent.
  • At full, zoomed-in resolution. The resolution of the map itself changes based on what your Interface Size is set to in-game; if your screenshots don't match the reference map, try changing this setting.
  • Taken with the U-map (not the M-map) so that the cloud layer and outpost icons are not present. Maps made with the M-map are still useful, although the icons may hide unexplored spots and the clouds will distort comparisons somewhat.

NOTE: These files are very large, so please save them to your computer instead of abusing the bandwidth of the map creators.

Prophecies campaign[edit]

Before the Eye of the North expansion was released, updated the entire map of Tyria (see Game updates/20070717). Mostly, this only affected the existing regions by darkening the background of Ascalon and the Shiverpeaks, although it did introduce a couple minor changes in the map details. For this reason, any maps created before the update may no longer be accurate enough to be useful in some cases.



Factions campaign[edit]

Nightfall campaign[edit]

Eye of the North[edit]

EotN does not have a Cartographer title; instead, exploring the map counts toward the Master of the North title.

Other maps[edit]

Core Locations[edit]

Realms of the Gods[edit]

These areas are not shown on any continental map because they exist in the Mists.

Prophecies campaign[edit]




Factions campaign[edit]

Alliance Battle Maps[edit]

Nightfall campaign[edit]

Regions by Guild Wars Vault[edit]

Realm of Torment[edit]

Area maps with blessings by Bikini & Lethor[edit]

Map legend