Marshall Tasca

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Marshall Tasca is one of two explorers from Ascalon who set out to explore the world outside their homeland a dozen years prior to current game time. Tasca, along with Marshall Whitman, set out looking for adventure and discovery. They entered into legend as they plotted out every inch of the Maguuma Jungle and the Shiverpeak Mountains where they established the outpost that is now known as Deldrimor War Camp. Tasca was known for being adept at escaping death.

Ironically, during the past year (in game time), Tasca suffered a horrific fall while exploring in the mountains and Whitman has been searching for clues to his fate. It is believed that the nearby area Tasca's Demise, which was named after him, is the place where Marshall Tasca fell to a likely death.

In the quest Tasca's Reprise you help Marshall Whitman to find proof of Tasca's death or survival.