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Mission outpost

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A mission outpost is a staging area that functions like an outpost and allows player parties to enter a mission. Like outposts, they offer relatively few services.

Typical mission outpost services[edit | edit source]

Services rarely available at mission outposts[edit | edit source]

World map appearance[edit | edit source]

Mission outposts are annotated on the World Map (default key "M") using different icons in different campaigns:

MissionIcon.png FactionsMissionIcon.png Nightfall Mission icon (Elona).png Nightfall Mission icon (Realm of Torment).png Hard Mission 3 sword.png
Prophecies Factions Nightfall Realm of Torment Hard Mode

Note: The map icon will update depending on the Mission rewards you have received:

  • In Prophecies, the icon shows 1 sword pointing to the right after completing the mission and 1 sword pointing to the left after completing the bonus.
  • In Factions, the icon shows 1, 2, or 3 broadswords (last one with a red tassel), respectively, after receiving the Standard, Expert, or Master's reward.
  • In Nightfall and the Realm of Torment, the icon shows 1 Kournan sword, 2 Kournan swords, or 2 Kournan swords and 1 sunburst spear after receiving the Standard, Expert, or Master's reward, respectively.
    • If the mission is not yet available to a character, it will show an outpost icon on the world map.
  • In Hard mode, the mission icon is red if incomplete and turns gold after completion, with flamberges replacing the swords and spears of the normal mode icons.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In Tyrian and Canthan mission outposts, the Party List window will have an Enter Mission button; Elonian missions are entered by talking to the NPC displaying a green mission icon.
  • Nightfall mission outposts tend to have more services and NPCs than the other campaigns.

See also[edit | edit source]

  • Port - a town with access to travel between continents
  • Town - similar to an outpost with a more complete set of services
  • Outpost - similar to a town, but with minimal services.