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Species: Human
Profession: -icon.png
Level(s): 2

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

"Oh boy oh boy! It's Wintersday again! I bet I get WAY more stuff this year than I did last year!"

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Niwah cycles through the following series of 16 quotes as he runs around Kamadan.

"I'm just begging for my own Black Moa bird...just like the one I saw one the other day!" (sic)
"My parents keep telling me that I ask for too much, but I think they're cheap."
"And then I want a Red Rider Bronze Spear with a compass on the grip and this thing that tells time!"
"Oh, and then I want a Fiery Dragon Sword!"
"And I have to get my own floating tree like the ones they have up in Vabbi!"
"And I want my storage vault filled with gold!"
"And then I have to complete my collection of holiday hats from Grenth and Dwayna!"
"And an Icy Dragon Sword, too! They're super neat!"
"I also want a bunch of inscriptions to make all my toys better!"
"And I also want a Junior Alchemists Fire Oil brewing kit! I won't blow anything up, I promise!" (sic)
"And then I want the collector's edition Koss action figure with the "Koss!" battle cry!"
"Wintersday is supposed to be about getting presents, so I'm gonna keep thinking of more things I want...."
"I want my very own Skree that I can train to fly around and pick up all my clothes for me."
"Then I want a brand new "Tickle Me Heket" doll."
"Transmogrifier tonics wolud be cool, too."
"And I want a full set of armor for every profession from the Underworld for when I finally get to choose my own profession!"

Notes[edit | edit source]

It has also been reported that he takes candy cane shards when given a present.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The "Red Rider Bronze Spear" is likely a reference to A Christmas Story.