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Outside of Gunnar's Hold there are three Norn Gravestones belonging to dead Norn heroes. Each of the gravestones has a short inscription about the hero.

  • Erik Firebeard
    Here lies Erik Firebeard, slayer of the great ice drake Keilthass, crusher of the Dwarven Lord Mundoon, and drinker of twelve casks of ale in a single sitting.
  • Hrodi Icecrusher
    Here rests Hrodi Icecrusher, who climbed to the top of the great mountain and slew the glacial griffin with his bare hands, fashioning the head into a stylish helm so all who saw him would know of his great deed.
  • Barn Frostfeet
    Here rests the remains of Barn Frostfeet, who walked from one end of the Shiverpeak Mountains to the other barefoot and drank a pint of ale in toast to each tree he saw along the way.
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