Old Man Migaphin

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Old Man Migaphin
Old Man Migaphin.jpg
Species: Human
Level(s): 15

Location[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

"Do you remember the year that Grenth threw in a bunch of fake gifts? Everyone thought that Dwayna had just been extra generous, the dolts. But who was laughing when the fake gifts exploded, eh? I mean, other than the fellow what runs that artificial limb shop? Me, that's who! And Grenth! Good times, I tell you."
"Don't listen to that old fool over there. Listen to me! Gone senile and thinks Dwayna will win the festival, he does. See? Senile. It's plain as the nose on your face that Grenth will overcome her, just like always. Spring? Bah. What's that?"
"There was one Wintersday that Grenth really outdid himself. Went and put Grentches inside of all the gifts and let the Dwayna-lovers give 'em out to all the children. But when the presents were opened, the Grentches jumped out and stole all the other presents! The suspicion and backstabbing that ensued among those kids... the stolen gifts, stolen again... now that's the spirit of Wintersday, I tell you."
"You know what makes a really great gift? Ice. Teaches a real lesson about the mutability of life, that does. Put some ice in a box, give it to a child, and Grenth will teach that child a little something about futility. Ah, Wintersday."