Opening Strike

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Talk to Jinzo again when you are ready to kill the target minions.
  2. Kill 5 target minions. X target minions remaining.
  3. See Jinzo for your reward.

Obtained from

Jinzo in Sunqua Vale.


Locate Jinzo



"It is our solemn duty as Assassins to be quick and precise with our blades. Your prey should not feel a moment's pain; it must die before it knows you have struck."
"I trust your steel is sharp; this exercise will sharpen your mind. Instructor Su provided us with some target minions. Kill 5 of them. And remember, every blade has two sides."

Intermediate Dialogue

"This test require that you kill 5 target minions. Now, focus."

Reward Dialogue

"You did well."
"These were just mindless target minions. Some day your target will be someone's sister, husband, mother, or son. This knowledge is your to bear."


Track Down Panaku

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Upon accepting the quest, Jinzo will teach you the skills Fox Fangs and Death's Charge. Then talk to him again to start the quest proper. You must kill 5 level 3 Bone Horrors with help from Vun Ying. These Bone Horrors are different from other summoned minions in the game in that they will give experience and drop loot when killed. After the 5 Bone Horrors are killed, talk to Jinzo again to finish the quest.