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The Performance Monitor

The Performance Monitor is a small circle that appears by default in the bottom right corner of the user interface. It displays information about the game's performance:

  • FPS: Frames per second. An indication of the performance of the graphical engine of the game. This is affected by computational power, memory capacity and the graphics card on the user's machine.
  • Last Ping: Displays the last ping time to the server in milliseconds. The Performance Monitor changes colors depending on this value:

Indicator color is based on Last Ping.

  Ping Range Indicator
Disconnectedstatusicon.jpg No Connection or Background Download Lightning Strike
Greenstatusicon.jpg < 250ms Green
Orangestatusicon.jpg >= 250ms, < 750ms Orange
Redstatusicon.jpg >= 750ms Red
  • Average Ping: Displays the average ping to the game server you are on. This number resets whenever you zone into a new area.
  • Server IP: Displays the IP address of the game server that the player is connected to.
  • Background Download: Low priority items can download while you play, this line only shows when downloading occurs in the background. When downloading, a white lightning bolt will appear over the Performance Monitor.