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Pet Control panel

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An example of the pet interface

The Pet Control Panel is used to give your Pet three orders; that is, Lock Target, Guard, or Heel. It will also show your Pet's Health and shows its Effects Monitor, and like the Hero Panel, it cannot be resized, but it can be relocated. The Interface is very similar to the interface for controlling heroes as a result, except that there is no option for 'Fight Mode.' The effects of the Panel's Commands are:

Lock Target: The Icon for this Command is the Sword, sharing the picture with Heroes' Fight Mode. When you have selected a target, the text above the command will read as - Lock (Name) as Pet - (Name's) target. If no target is selected, the text will instead read as - You must select a foe before you can lock Pet - (Name's) target. The Lock Target Command ignores whether or not your pet is in Heel Mode. Your Pet will only respond to the Lock Target Command when you are roughly 2 Danger Zones away from its Locked Target, however.

Guard: The Icon for Guard is the Shield, and simply reads as 'Guard.' When Guard Mode is active, the Pet behaves normally, following its AI model until given its next command.

Heel: The Dove is the Icon for Heel, like 'Guard,' the text appears as nothing more than 'Heel.' When Heel Mode is active, the Pet behaves normally outside of combat, though when in combat, the Pet does not respond to your attacks, unless you have given it the Lock Target Command, and does not move until attacked either. When attacked, the Pet attempts to flee

Bug.png Bug! When a pet gains an Evolution Prefix, the amount of Health listed on the Control does not Update to consider Evolutions until you enter a new Private Instance.

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