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Species: Human
Profession: Collector
Level(s): 10

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

"It is nice to meet a fellow wanderer out here. If you have the time to help a stranger I might have a proposition that would interest you. Truth be told, I have been a little on the outs with the misses [sic] as of late and am looking to get back in her good graces. I had a friend recommend that I find some Black Pearls to give to my wife as a gift, but what he didn't tell me was that they tend to be guarded by strange sea creatures. If you can track some down for me I would be willing to offer you something in return. How about it stranger? Find me 5 Black Pearls, and I will give you one of these:"

Collector items[edit | edit source]

Pietro[edit | edit source]

Location: Gyala Hatchery outside the northern exit of Leviathan Pits
Collecting: 5 Black Pearls

Item Stats Reqs. Mods Value
Hypnotic Scepter Chaos damage: 11-22 9 Illusion Magic Halves skill recharge of Inspiration Magic spells (Chance: 20%)
Energy +5 (while Health is below 50%)
125 Gold
Evil Eye Staff Energy +10
Dark damage: 11-22
9 Blood Magic Halves casting time of Blood Magic spells (Chance: 20%)
Halves skill recharge of spells (Chance: 20%)
125 Gold
Frost Artifact Energy +12 9 Water Magic Halves casting time of Water Magic spells (Chance: 20%)
Halves skill recharge of Water Magic spells (Chance: 20%)
125 Gold
Smiting Rod Holy damage: 11-22 9 Smiting Prayers Halves skill recharge of Smiting Prayers spells (Chance: 20%)
Energy +5 (while Health is below 50%)
125 Gold
Cleaver Slashing damage: 6-28 9 Axe Mastery Damage +15% (while in a Stance) 125 Gold
Hornbow Piercing damage: 15-28 9 Marksmanship Damage +20% (while hexed) 125 Gold