Political Ramifications

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Find and slay 6 more Stone Summit leaders.
  2. See Tharn Stonerift for your reward.

Obtained from

Tharn Stonerift in Sorrow's Furnace


Enter Sorrow's Furnace without To Sorrow's Furnace sub quests.



"There's only one Dwarf fit to rule this lot, and that's me: Tharn Stonerift. Perhaps ye can help ensure me place at the top of the heap. Ye'll find the Stone Summit bigwigs hereabouts... ye know the type, they're all glowy and such. Take some of them out and I'll make it worth yer while."
"What do you say?"

Reward Dialogue

"Good job, human. Take this, and I'll see that ye get an extra helping o' slop this evenin'."



Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Just find and slay six Summit bosses. The map will not point the way to the bosses, but if you did the quest Summit Slaves, you will find bosses in the exact same spawn locations. The gates to the Forge offer confirmed boss spawns but they are also the hardest bosses to kill because of the Furnace Guardians.

Tip: Bosses killed on the same trip into Sorrow's Furnace before receiving this quest do count towards your total. It is possible to kill six bosses, speak to Tharn to receive the quest, then immediately speak to him again to receive the quest reward.

Tip 2: Use the experience of this quest as a death penalty eraser while farming in Sorrow's Furnace. Death is not uncommon and saving the experience reward until needed would be wise.