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Presearing Community Gate Opener

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This term is exclusively used in Pre-Searing Ascalon and is often abbreviated to PSCGO.

The Presearing Community introduced the idea of opening the gate to the Northlands for free and as a "pay it forward" type of service (i.e. if you have help from a PSCGO, you should then spend some time offering your services as a PSCGO yourself).

To get a PSCGO to help you, stand near the exit from Ascalon City and type in the local chat: "LF PSCGO". A knowledgeable PSCGO (if available) will offer to join up with you, and you can go out together. If you want to announce your service as a PSCGO, stand near the exit from Ascalon City and type in the local chat: "Offering PSCGO".

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The PSCGO service is free for members of Presearing Community and offered in the spirit of friendly cooperation to all players. Supporters argue that since no one pays to get the resurrection signet (the other common pre-searing activity requiring two players), neither should one pay to have the Northern gate opened.
  • In contrast, many veterans insist on paying for gate opening service primarily because they can afford it. They argue that it provides new players an easy way to generate some income and that those crossing will more than make up the fee by farming charr. They also point out that most players consider crossing into Northlands as optional whereas obtaining the rez signet is generally considered as required (and therefore, it would be unsportsmanlike to charge for helping people obtain it).

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