PvP Shield

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PvP Shield
Tall Shield.jpg
PvP Shield (Command).jpg
PvP Shield (Motivation).jpg
Shield details
Attribute(s) Strength (PvP Tower Shield)
Common none
Rare none

Description[edit | edit source]

There are PvP Shields tied to the attributes of Tactics, Command and Motivation, as well as PvP Tower Shields tied to the Strength attribute.

All PvP Shields have an armor (rating) of 16 and a requirement of 9 in the linked attribute. All four types of PvP Shields are available with each of the following four pairs of inherent mods.

Physical Damage Reduction (required status effect) 5 (20% chance per hit) 2 (enchanted) 2 (in a Stance) 3 (hexed)
health bonus (required status effect) 30 (unconditional) 45 (enchanted) 45 (in a Stance) 60 (hexed)

Other shields with this appearance

Location[edit | edit source]

PvP Shields, like all PvP weapons, can only be obtained by PvP characters at character creation.

Dye[edit | edit source]

Dye colors the metal parts of Command PvP Shields and the leather parts of Motivation PvP Shields.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Clipping.png Clipping issues: The PvP Motivation shield has clipping issues with female monks.
Bug.png Bug! The PvP Strength shield gives 9 armor if you don't meet the requirement. All other shields give 8 armor if you don't meet the requirement.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The PvP Tower Shields resemble the ancient Roman Scutum.
  • With the exception of the emblem painted on it, the Motivation PvP Shield bears a strong resemblance to traditional Zulu shields.