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PvP weapon/staves

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PvP Staves
Profession Attribute Weapon Damage Type Appearance
Divine Favor PvP Holy Staff Fire Holy Staff
Healing Prayers PvP Holy Staff Light Holy Branch
Protection Prayers PvP Holy Staff Fire Protective Staff (Nightfall)
Smiting Prayers PvP Smiting Staff Light Smiting Staff
Soul Reaping PvP Soul Spire Dark Soul Spire
Blood Magic PvP Blood Staff Dark Evil Eye Staff
Curses PvP Accursed Staff Cold Accursed Staff
Death Magic PvP Dead Staff Cold Bone Staff
Fast Casting PvP Arcane Staff Chaos Arcane Staff
Domination Magic PvP Inscribed Staff Chaos Inscribed Staff
Illusion Magic PvP Jeweled Staff Chaos Jeweled Staff (common)
Inspiration Magic PvP Scrying Glass Staff Chaos Scrying Glass Staff
Ether Staff PvP Ether Staff Chaos Ether Staff
Air Magic PvP Air Staff Lightning Air Staff (core)
Earth Magic PvP Earth Staff Earth Earth Staff (core)
Fire Magic PvP Fire Staff Fire Fire Staff (core)
Water Magic PvP Water Staff Cold Water Staff (core)
Factions campaign
Channeling Magic PvP Channeling Staff Lightning Channeling Staff
Communing PvP Communing Staff Dark Eerie Staff
Restoration Magic PvP Restoration Staff Lightning Conjuring Staff
Spawning Power PvP Spawning Staff Lightning Conjuring Staff