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Pyrs Harven/CollectorArmor

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Pyrs Harven[edit | edit source]

Location: Traveler's Vale just outside of Yak's Bend
Collecting: 5 Shiverpeak Manes

Profession Item Name Armor Other Modifiers Value
Warrior Brute's Helm 47 Strength +1
Armor +20 (vs. physical attacks)
24 Gold
Ranger Hunter's Mask 37 Expertise +1
Armor +30 (vs. elemental attacks)
24 Gold
Monk Prophet's Scalp Design 27 Divine Favor +1 24 Gold
Necromancer Devilish Scar Pattern 27 Soul Reaping +1 24 Gold
Mesmer Sleek Mask 27 Fast Casting +1 24 Gold
Elementalist All-Seeing Eye 27 Energy Storage +1 24 Gold