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Quitting means a party member decides to leave the party usually against the collective desire of the party. Players quit for a number of reasons. To name a common few:

  • Arguments with other players
  • Being invited to a party for the wrong task (e.g. a different quest)
  • The party leader starting the quest/mission before the player had all skills and attributes loaded
  • The player is unhappy with how the party performs
  • Rage or frustration with the party, also known as ragequit which may or may not be related to the above reasons.

Some players may also join parties stating they are working on the same goal as the party; but they then quit once their true objective is met, usually a rare item or skill cap. Examples of this include players farming for unique items and Ecto, players accomplishing a missed bonus (Prophecies only) as well as players capturing elite skills in missions or other explorable areas.

Players can quit by simply closing the game, logging out, or by using map travel to go to any town. If a player's bar turns silver in the Party List it is possible they quit. There is also the possibility of their computer crashing or the Guild Wars program failing, such as with the infamous Err 7. Because of the new Reconnecting abilities, players names will remain red after Err 7 disconnects, and a notice will say that they have lost connection. It is possible for them to reconnect to the group and continue.