Reclaiming the Temple

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  1. Meet Lieutenant Murunda and her soldiers in the Mirror of Lyss.
  2. Kill the demons infesting the Sebelkeh Basilica. 7 of 7 groups remain.
  3. See Lieutenant Murunda for your reward.

Obtained from

Lieutenant Murunda in Dzagonur Bastion.


The Search for Survivors


  • 2,000 XP
  • 250 Gold
  • 10 Lightbringer Points


"Prince Armtur the Mighty requires your cervices again. With the survivors evacuated, it's time to reclaim the temple. Meet me in the Mirror of Lyss for your debriefing. You will answer the princes call, will you not?"

Intermediate Dialogue (Lieutenant Murunda)

"I am glad you are here, you have proven most worthy of our respect. I have been ordered to give you a contingent of soldiers to aid you in this mission. These men knew what they were getting into when they volunteered for this. They know it's dangerous, and they are willing to lay down their lives if need be. Now go! Route out the evil that now dwells in this place!"

Reward Dialogue (Lieutenant Murunda)

"You have done well. The prince asked me to give you this reward. It seems you have earned his trust, and mine. Those men who perished while aiding you will honored as heroes, but I do not look forward to the unhappy task of notifying their families."