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Redemption for the Lost

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Hard mode red.png This quest has an associated Hard mode quest, see Redemption for the Lost (Hard mode).

Overview[edit | edit source]

Questmap, starting from Zin Ku Corridor (click to enlarge).


  1. Meet Zenmai in Sunjiang District.
  2. Talk to Watari the Infinite.
  3. Talk to Yayoi of the Orders.
  4. Talk to Chow Zhong the Inferno.
  5. Talk to Gao Han of the Rings.
  6. Talk to Disciple of Shadow Feung Zhu.
  7. Talk to Min the Dragon's Claw.
  8. Defeat the Ministry of Purity's forces.
  9. See Lei Jeng for your reward.

Obtained from

Lei Jeng in Kaineng Center





Strange changes are afoot, my friend. Just a while ago, I was approached by a former Am Fah member named Zenmai. She begged me to try and delay an imminent Ministry of Purity attack on the Am Fah hiding out in Sunjiang District. She seemed to think that some of them could be convinced to leave the organization if they knew an attack was coming. I'm not sure how she got that information, but regardless, it's not something within my power to do. She ran off to Sunjiang Districtto try and talk them down, and I'm not sure that it's going to go well for her. Perhaps you should go and help? The Am Fah do not take kindly to deserters, and I doubt the Ministry of Purity will be able to distinguish between mo zing and Am Fah.
Accept: I won't let her fight alone.
Reject: They brewed their own plague juice, they can drown in it.
When asked about quest:

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (find Zenmai)

Daisuke Crimson Edge: Well if it isn't Zenmai the Oni's Talon. Oh wait, that's right, you abandoned that name when you abandoned the Am Fah, traitor! What do you want, mo zing?
Zenmai: I want you to come with me, Daisuke. Leave the organization before the Ministry of Purity comes to kill you too. It's not too late.
Daisuke Crimson Edge: I'm not afraid of the Ministry, Zenmai! I've gotten stronger since you've left, and I've been promoted several ranks as well. The other Am Fah members respect me. I'm finally somebody, which is more than I can say for you, who serves no master.
Zenmai: You would serve a master who willingly spread a plague that killed thousands of innocents?
Daisuke Crimson Edge: I... I...
Zenmai: Come on! Work with me, Daisuke. We used to be partners. I'm only trying to help you and the others. They always looked up to you. Help me convince them to leave!
Ministry Captain Li Wu: Look! There's some Am Fah now! And the traitors are with them! Kill them all!
Daisuke Crimson Edge: Ministry of Purity! Did you lead them here, Zenmai? I thought I would hear you out, since your name is not yet poison in my mouth, but... graaah! I'm getting out of here!

Intermediate Dialogue 2 (defeat the Ministry of Purity)

Zenmai: Thank you for your help there, but I'm afraid this is something I must do on my own. These people may just be gang members to you, but some of them were once my friends.
Zenmai: I want ot try and convince them to leave before... No, things have already gotten out of hand. I want to convince them, for their own sake and for the sake of their families.
<party leader>: With the Ministry here, it's not going to be easy. This may be your problem, but you don't need to fight alone.
Zenmai: You remind me of a certain Sunspear I know. Very well, let us see if we can find any others who are willing to listen.

Intermediate Dialogue 3 (find Yayoi of the Orders)

Zenmai: Yayoi! You must flee the Am Fah. I'm here to get you out of here before the Ministry finds you!
Yayoi of the Orders: Zenmai? Is that really you? No, you have to leave! I don't want to have to kill you.
After defeating him:
Yayoi of the Orders: I can't leave the Am Fah, Zenmai. The only reason I can buy medicine for my mother is because of the money I get from them.
Zenmai: Your mother doesn't know what you really do, does she? Would you prefer to have a Ministry official deliver your corpse to her doorstep?
Yayoi of the Orders: F-fine, Zenmai. You win. I'll go with you.

Intermediate Dialogue 4 (find Watari the Infinite)

Watari the Infinite Zenmai! have you come here to die? Let me show you what we do to traitors!
After defeating him:
Zenmai: Watari, you used to say that you live for honor. Where is the honor in spreading the plague and attacking helpless citizens?
Watari the Infinite Sh-shut up! You don't know how things have been since you left!
Zenmai: It's true, I don't know what your situation is now. But I do know that there is still enough honor left in you to realize what you're doing is wrong. Please come with me.
Watari the Infinite Alright, Zenmai, I'll trust you. Your arguments have always made more sense than Daisuke's anyway.

Intermediate Dialogue 5 (find Chow Zhong the Inferno)

Chow Zhong the Inferno: If it isn't Zenmai mo zing! I've got a score to settle with you.
Zenmai: This isn't the time, Chow! The Ministry of Purity is coming! You need to leave the Am Fah while you still can!
Chow Zhong the Inferno: The Am Fah have power. That's all that matters in this world! We're not children anymore, Zenmai. Don't think you can just order me around like you used to. Let me show you the power the Am Fah have given me!
After defeating him:
Chow Zhong the Inferno: Dammit! It wasn't supposed to be this way...
Zenmai: Chow, you stubborn fool. Perhaps we will meet again in the next life.

Intermediate Dialogue 6 (find Gao Han of the Rings)

Gao Han of the Rings: Oh no, oh no, oh no... The Ministry have come for us, what do I do?
Zenmai: As gutless as ever, aren't you Gao? Come on. I'm here to get you out of the Am Fah before the Ministry finds you.
Gao Han of the Rings: Z-Zenmai? What are you doing here? You say you're here for me? No! No! I won't go with you!
After defeating him:
Zenmai: Have you calmed down, Gao?
Gao Han of the Rings: *huff huff* yes, I think so. I'm sorry, Zenmai. They told me that you'd kill me if you ever came back. I'm so sorry.

Intermediate Dialogue 7 (find Disciple of Shadow Feung Zhu)

Zenmai: Feung! I've finally found you! Quickly, we must get out of here. You need to abandon the Am Fah before the Ministry of Purity destroys it!
Disciple of Shadow Feung Zhu Abandon them? Zenmai, do you not remember the oaths we swore when we joined this organization? We were friends once, but now I only see you as an enemy.
Zenmai: Then perhaps our blades should do the talking.
After defeating him:
Disciple of Shadow Feung Zhu I... I'm sorry, Zenmai. I wasn't strong enough to leave.
Zenmai: No, Feung, it was I who was not strong enough to save you.
Zenmai: There is one more person to convince who I am sure is here.
<party leader>: What about that first fellow, Daisuke? Are you not going to look for him?
Zenmai: Now that he thinks I betrayed him, I don't think he'll listen to us anymore.
<party leader>: Surely, if you were friends once, you could try to persuade him again.
Zenmai: I thought that I could convince all of them, but it seems that some of these people are no longer the friends I remember.
Zenmai: Hurry! The Ministry will no doubt send reinforcements soon, after all of the commotion we stirred up earlier.

Intermediate Dialogue 8 (find Min the Dragon's Claw)

Min the Dragon's Claw: Zenmai! You've come to save me! I knew you wouldn't forget about your old pal Min!
Ministry Captain Kawagami: Ha, I knew if we strung out some bait that these fools would walk into our trap! You've done well to avoid us until now, but you won't escape this time, you plagued brigands! The future of Cantha does not need scum like you!
Zenmai: An ambush! I didn't expect the reinforcements this soon. I am sorry, but this may be the end for us!
Daisuke Crimson Edge: Am Fah! Attack!
Ministry Captain Kawagami: More of them were lurking around? Quickly, kill them all!

Intermediate Dialogue 9 (defeat the Ministry)

Zenmai: Thank you, Daisuke. I knew that you would remember our friendship.
Daisuke Crimson Edge: Don't misunderstand, Zenmai. I came here to save Min, not you and your friends. The Ministry of Purity is our enemy as well.
Min the Dragon's Claw: Uh, actually, Dai... err, I mean, sir, I...
Daisuke Crimson Edge: If you want to leave, Min, then get out of here. I won't stop you.
Zenmai: Daisuke...
Daisuke Crimson Edge: I'm not leaving the Am Fah, Zenmai, but I'll not pursue those who want to go. Anyone but the most loyal are just going to be dead weight in the next Ministry attack.
Zenmai: Very well. Thank you for allowing this much. I still believe in you, Daisuke. When you've had your fill of this, I will be waiting for you.
Daisuke Crimson Edge: Just get out of here... and take Min with you.

Reward Dialogue

You say she was able to convince some of them to defect? That is unbelievable! But then perhaps it is simply because we have fought with the Am Fah for os long that we have forgotten that they are people like ourselves. By thinking of them as a faceless group, we may be forgetting that individuals can be redeemed. Perhaps this is where the Ministry of Purity is making a mistake, but right now they have too much momentum. I will do my best to get amnesty for those who have defected. With any luck, we can also get some information that can help our officers on the streets as well. You have my thanks. Please, take this.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Start from Zin Ku Corridor and head south. Soon after the dialogue with Daisuke Crimson Edge you will encounter Watari the Infinite. After he is dealt with, cross the nearby bridge eastward and head south again, where Yayoi of the Orders can be found. Keep moving south along the water's edge and turn westward with it. Chow Zhong the Inferno can be found there.

You need to defeat 2 Ministry of Purity bosses to get to Gao Han of the Rings' and Disciple of Shadow Feung Zhu's locations. Following the path on the map, keep moving towards where Min the Dragon's Claw can be found at the end of the trail. Beware! Once you get close, a lot of Ministry of Purity forces will appear (friendly at first), followed by a number of Am Fah allies under the guidance of Daisuke Crimson Edge.

Once the Ministry forces are finished, you can claim your reward.