Refuse to Drink

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Bring the Chalice of Corruption to Imperial Agent Hanjo.

Obtained from

Brother Tosai in Wajjun Bazaar


Seek out Brother Tosai



"I detect hesitation. Why do you back away? Will you drink from the Chalice or will you not? What is your intention?"
Accept: "I'm taking this to Imperial Agent Hanjo, immediately!"
Reject: "I need some time to consider."

Reward Dialogue

"So, this Chalice is the secret of their immunity to the plague, eh? I cannot tell you enough how grateful the emperor will be to learn of this, and of your part in obtaining it. I will turn it over to the emperor's personal advisors and scholars. Perhaps they can determine its properties. In the meantime, steer clear of the Am Fah. No doubt they will be looking for you."


A Monstrous Revelation

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Immediately after you have chosen Refuse to Drink, the Am Fah around you will become hostile. This battle isn't too hard, but there are quite a few of them. Am Fah in the rest of this area will become hostile too. All you must do is return to Kaineng Center and give the chalice to Imperial Agent Hanjo, so you could just skip the fight and map travel back to Kaineng Center.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The alternative quest, Drink from the Chalice of Corruption, is actually much more troublesome and will take a much longer time to complete.
  • Refusing to answer to drink or not to drink (closing the dialogue window) means continued harmony between you and the Am Fah. As such, it is a good idea to keep the quest Seek out Brother Tosai active until you've completed all the quests in this area and those related to this area.
  • For those wishing to get the most experience right away and keep the Am Fah as your temporary allies (to make it easier to complete quests in Wajjun Bazaar), it is better to take the alternate quest Drink from the Chalice of Corruption as that quest reward can be completed and the Am Fah will remain your allies. (They will remain your allies as long as you do not complete the quest after that, Masters of Corruption). This means however this if you want to complete the quest line, you will have taken the harder of the two quest lines. Completing the alternate quest will only leave you with the green haze as long as you are within Wajjun Bazaar. Map traveling back to Marketplace or somewhere else after completing the quest, will remove the green haze (re-entering the Bazaar will not restore the green haze).
  • If you initiate the quest, leave Wajjun Bazaar, and then re-enter without completing the quest, the Am Fah will remain neutral towards you.
  • The quest can be completed even if the Chalice of Corruption is not in your inventory.
Bug.png Bug! After you accept this quest and the Am Fah become hostile, traps laid by Am Fah Marksmen will hurt their own teammates.