Researching fair prices

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Researching fair prices[edit | edit source]

Finding fair prices[edit | edit source]

You can save yourself a lot of money (and avoid buyer's or seller's remorse) by doing some quick research before entering into a trade with another player.

  • Check with NPC traders for armor upgrades, dyes, and materials and average of their buy & sell prices. (And these NPCs will also tend to pay more for your items than ordinary merchants.)
  • Check with your guild to get price checks and, often enough, you can find someone who wants to trade with you.
  • Ask for a Price Check in the Trade Channel. Try to get at least a couple of opinions before settling on a price.
  • Shop around by visiting the major trade centers (Lion's Arch, Kaineng Center, Kamadan, Eye of the North (outpost)). For uncommon items; the prices will tend to vary depending on who is online. (For popular items, the prices usually don't vary that much within the same day.)
  • Keep at it: the longer you offer a trade (or look for a one), the more likely you will be able to meet your ideal price. Experienced traders will often wait 2-3 hours, in which the price might vary by 200-400% or more.
  • Check fansite forums and auction houses, such as Guild Wars Guru's Trade Forum, Guild Wars Traders, or Guild War Auctions. You can find recent price histories, put your item out to bid, or make your own offer on an item you covet.
  • Use GWAuction's Price Records for checking an item's price history. This often reflects the market average.