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The Rezmer is a Mesmer build that takes advantage of Fast Casting in order to resurrect quickly. The name is a portmanteau of Resurrection and Mesmer.

The are two main uses for Rezmers:

  • Team builds that make use of death of party members (e.g. to create minions);
  • Death leveling of pets.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Historical note.png Historical note: The Rezmer was one of few common builds not affected by the Mesmer un-nerf update on 21 May 2010.
Historical note.png Historical note: The build was frequently used as part of EoE Bomb and Minion factory teams
  • The Minion factory was an 8-player team build that used corpses of two suicidal necromancers (Saccers) to allow two other Minion Masters to generate a huge minion army quickly. The Rezmers speeded up the process by restoring the Saccers to life.
  • The EoE Bomb was another 8-player team build that used Necromancers as suicide bombers, who would rush into the center of battle to cause massive AoE damage and conditions. Again, the rezmer was responsible for allowing the necros to return for repeat performances.