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Ring of Fire (mission)/Zaishen Quest

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Ring of Fire
Zaishen Challenge Quest
Zaishen Mission
5000 XP
1 Platinum
30 Copper Zaishen Coin
45 Copper Zaishen Coin 1st bonus
75 Copper Zaishen Coin 2nd bonus
150 Copper Zaishen Coin total

Summary[edit | edit source]

  1. Clear the way on the Ring of Fire islands.
  2. *BONUS* Return the Spectral Essence from the Eidolon to the Ancient Seer.
  3. *BONUS* Complete the mission in Hard Mode.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

It is written in the Flameseekers Prophecies: your destiny is in the Ring of Fire.

Accept: "I can do that!"
Reject: "No, I'm way too busy today."