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Rolling refers to either:

  • Creating a new PvP character.
  • In HA and the arenas, the /roll command may be used to determine the winner of a match when teams agree upon it. Usually team leaders will perform "/roll 100" and the higher roll wins and the other team /resigns. This is done because of stalemates/matches taking too long; most teams don't want to fight for 10+ minutes on the Underworld tournament map to gain one fame point, for example.
  • An abbreviation of the gaming term Steamrolled, when you have an easy victory over another team one may sometimes say "we rolled them". (slang)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The /roll command was disabled in towns and outposts by the May 25th, 2005 game update in response to people running "Dice Game" scams. The scammer would ask people to pay gold (usually 500-1,000 gold) and payback nothing, 2x, or 3x the amount bet, if the players /roll was between a certain range. The odds of a payout were stacked in favor of the scammer so that players would lose much more often than they won.